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Enhancing Your In-Store Retail Customer Experience

In the retail environment, to say that repeat customers are important is something of an understatement. According to one recent study, an incredible 61...
Web design website platform ideas

Choose the Right Website Platform

If you’ve ever built a new house, you quickly realize there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the first is choosing...
Seller helping buyer by demonstrating digital photo camera at shop store for customer retention

Customer Retention: Build a Loyal Customer Base

You've worked hard to build a loyal customer base by attracting, educating and converting would-be patrons. Now how do you keep them? Customer retention is...
Young female maker in store to sell handmade items online

Maker Business: Where to Sell Handmade Items Online

At one time, Etsy was the go-to place to sell your handmade items and vintage finds, and the site still offers a lot of...
two young girls with thumbs up knowing how to keep customers happy

How to Keep Customers Happy with Fast Customer Service

What’s better than a new customer? A happy one. That’s because happy shoppers come back to buy again and then tell others. It’s what...
Customer Loyalty

Making Your Customers Love You: The Keys To Customer Loyalty

Every small business owner should prioritize creating customer loyalty. Not only do they help pay the bills with their recurring business, they also serve...

What is Facebook Beacon and Does Your Business Need it?

Businesses are founded on relationships. You're not just focused on selling a product or service to someone - you started a business because you...

Applying Nordstrom’s Service Model To Your Business

Nordstrom sets a high bar in the service industry. We’ll outline how your business can reach this kind of service success in nine easy steps.

Utilizing Facebook Groups for Business

Remember the greeting Norm got whenever he entered the TV-bar Cheers? It was a place where a small group of friends could get together...
Close-up of Businessman looking at customer survey tools on mobile phone with office supplies at desk

10 Online Customer Survey Tools for Your Business

The most successful businesses welcome customer feedback. Gathering it can be time-consuming and expensive, but online survey tools make the job a cinch. The following...