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Identifying Your Assistant Manager

Identifying Your Assistant Manager

Are you choosing an assistant manager? Whether it’s someone you promote or you hire, if they possess these traits, chances are they’ll be successful.

Simple Strategies to Generate B2B Leads Today

When your business sells to businesses, finding the time to generate b2b leads can seem difficult, if not impossible. But it doesn’t mean it...
Creating Brand Awareness With A Millennial Audience

Creating Brand Awareness With A Millennial Audience

Are you targeting the Millennial audience? It’s official. According to the Pew Research Center, the Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation....
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2016’s Top Franchise Opportunities

Read about some of the exciting and available franchise opportunities, today, and the cultures these highlighted brands have created for themselves.
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Owning Your Own Business: The Leap From Employee to Owner

Making the leap from punching in and punching out to owning your own business can somewhat challenging. Learn how to make smooth transition with these tips!
30 Easy, Non-Monetary Ways to Reward Your Staff

30 Easy, Non-Monetary Ways to Reward Your Staff

More pay isn’t always the best reward. Studies show that recognition for a job well done or a new responsibility works better.
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Grants for Women-Owned Business You Need to Know About

Funding a new business can be difficult to do by yourself. Learn more about grants specifically for women-owned businesses to help fund your venture.

Some Trends Are Here to Stay – Business Ideas to Pursue Into 2017

Remember the pet rock? Some trends come and go. But others, like the Barbie doll, are still going strong. Sales of this iconic doll...
How to Measure Operating Efficiency

How to Measure Operating Efficiency

Scoring high in operating efficiency helps your small business stay in the game. Monitor your inventory and accounts receivable turnover. Learn how.

Generate More Leads with FREE Directory Submission Tools

Just building a website is not enough to succeed online anymore. You need to ensure that prospects who are searching for products and services...