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How To Geo-Target And Maximize YouTube Video Ads

Each month, more than one billion YouTube visitors watch over six billion hours of video content. Within this group lies a target group that’s...

The Pros and Cons of Radio Advertising

Most small businesses don’t have the big advertising budgets that corporations enjoy, so the thought of advertising on the radio seems out of reach....

Call out the SWOT team

Ever try to assemble your child’s new bike without using the instructions? Inevitably, you end up with an extra bolt. That’s what comes from not looking at the parts before you start.

3 New Social Media Sites to Watch Going Into 2017

You’ve mastered Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram. Your mad skills with LinkedIn and Snapchat are almost legendary. And you’ve done it all while running...
How to Connect with Millennials

How to Connect with Millennials

Is your business trying to connect with Millennials? If not, it should be. This demographic of 18- to 34-year-old consumers has formidable spending power.
Primary Target Market

How to Define Your Primary Target Market Like a Pro

Who wouldn’t want to buy a laser pen that zaps away all calories from even the most decadent deserts? You could sell it to...
Snapchat for Business

What You Need To Know About Snapchat For Business

Just when your business figured out Facebook and Twitter, along comes Snapchat, a powerful social medium with a slightly different agenda. Built on a...
5 Tips for Funding Your Minority-Owned Business

5 Tips for Funding Your Minority-Owned Business

There are a number of public and private sources available for minority-owned businesses. See our five tips to help find funding.
Woman eating a breakfast bar and reading a magazine while sitting at a table with her laptop.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing for Small Business

Learn more about the differences between the two disciplines of digital marketing and traditional marketing and how they work to reach the same goal.
The New Age of Mobile Advertising: Geo-Fencing

The New Age of Mobile Advertising: Geo-Fencing

There’s a new way to advertise that’s tailor-made for small businesses. It’s called Geo-Fence Targeting, a medium so specific it lets you pinpoint prospects down to the streets outside your business. It’s also cost effective, versatile and simple to implement. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Read on for details.