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What Do You Do When Your Product is Past Its Prime?

Your star product offering isn’t pulling its weight anymore. The question is, should it go or stay? Find out how to manage it through its decline.
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Twitter to the Rescue: Small Business Stories of Twitter Success

Read more about the success other small businesses have found through Twitter and how you can directly apply them to your own ventures.
Cause Marketing, Part I

Cause Marketing, Part I

Is your business aligned with a cause or considering doing so? In this two-part piece based on the Mintel Study, Cause Marketing, we look at its beginnings, consumer attitudes toward it and ways your business can use cause marketing to increase customer loyalty and, ultimately, profit.

Do #hashtags Work?

If you still think that “#” stands for the pound symbol, your small business may be missing out. It’s a hashtag and using it...
What is Your Secret Sauce?

What is Your Secret Sauce?

It isn’t always easy to find new ways to stand out. But the benefits of doing so can pay dividends for years to come.

Define Your Brand Promise to Build Customer Relationships

Your brand is kind of a love letter to your customers. It’s how you introduce yourself, declare your feelings, and promise to always be...
Marketing Tools You Need Now!

Marketing Tools You Need Now!

Discovering a new tool makes the job easier. Learn what tools other small businesses are using to make their marketing efforts easier and more effective.

Fix Your SEO Now for Beginners

What if you threw a party and no one came? That’s what it can feel like when you launch a website and only a...
Building a Community Around Your Brand

Part I: Benefits of Building a Community Around Your Brand

Most small businesses understand that it’s important to have a strong brand. But the benefits of building a community around your brand aren’t always...
tapping customer opinion

Testing, Testing: Tapping Customer Opinion

Tapping customer opinion is one of the best ways to find out if your idea for a new product or service will be successful....