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Call out the SWOT team

Ever try to assemble your child’s new bike without using the instructions? Inevitably, you end up with an extra bolt. That’s what comes from not looking at the parts before you start.

Be More Than a Pretty Face

One of the challenges new small businesses face is getting the word out to potential customers. You can offer a mind-blowing product with world-class service at the lowest prices in town but if you don’t get noticed, your business won’t take off. Many owners look to Facebook to help them build awareness.

Tweet, Post and Like, Oh My!

What’s all this about tweets and posts? Knowing the answer might help you connect with customers, both old and new. Start by learning the basics about the most common social networks.

3 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers

Your customers are happy with the service you provide, right? If you’re hesitating, it might make sense to find out more. Ever think of just asking them?