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woman talking to a group about developing your personal brand

How Developing Your Personal Brand Complements Your Corporate Brand

Did you know that the average employee has 10x’s more followers on their personal social media than the company they work for? Developing your...

Complete Checklist for Creating a Facebook Page for Business

Facebook marketing isn’t just a good idea, it’s become a necessary step in marketing your business to customers. Today, people expect to find businesses...
Female juice bar owner taking loyalty card from customer for customer retention

5 Ways to Encourage Customer Retention

5 Ways to Encourage Customer Retention Infographic Customer retention is an integral part of growing and sustaining your small business. Learn more with our easy-to-follow...
woman turning button in car to listen to radio advertising

Take a Second Look: Radio Advertising for Small Business

According to Neilson, radio is the leading reach platform in the United States with over 90 percent of adults tuning in daily. This indicates...
build your image

Branding 101: Build Your Image, Boost Your Business

What do people remember about your business after they’ve walked out your door or clicked the “Purchase” button on your website? The answer to...
Samsung smartphone display instagram for business on the screen with canon vintage film camera

How to Use Instagram for Business Infographic

Instagram for Business Instagram for business affords an opportunity to visually tell your story and market your brand authentically. Learn more with our step-by-step infographic,...

Color Psychology and Buyer Behavior Infographic

Using color as a determinant of human behavior can intentionally influence human emotion, behavior and perception, and should be used with care in marketing...

9 SEO Tips For Your Small Business

Use these nine search engine optimization (SEO) tips to learn the basics and help your business get found in online searches.
Three peers gathered around a laptop device.

How Small Business Impacts Local Economy

It's not the size of the business, but rather the size of the impact it leaves on the economy around it. Read how small businesses benefit local economies.

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

As a small business owner, you’re part of a sector that employs a whopping 58 million people and makes up an impressive 46% of...