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3 Things Your Small Business Should Know About Social Media in 2014


For more and more small businesses, social media has become a new way to connect with current and future customers. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, participating in the “conversation” helps people learn about your business. As a result, they become more comfortable doing business with you or will recommend you to others. Score.org has released its 2013 Small Business Social Media Trends. Here are some key takeaways that might help your small business use social media more effectively in 2014.


Consider these trends and how they might affect your small business:

  • Businesses not using social media might be missing out – 87 percent of small businesses say social media helps their business reach customers. In fact, 90 percent of online adults access social media at least once a month. 72 percent of online time is spent on social media.
  • Small businesses are seeing results with social media – 40 percent of companies say it boosts word of mouth referrals. 64 percent of Twitter users (and 51 percent of Facebook users) are more loyal tobrands they follow. 50 percent of shoppers made a purchase as a result of social media posts or feedback.
  • Consumers want quality content and how-to advice from companies – 59 percent of customers view companies who are active in social media as more approachable. 52 percent stop following a business if the content is boring or repetitive. 64 percent of social media users want companies to use it to answer their questions.

Social media is being used by an increasing number of small businesses to participate in a conversation with potential customers. Understanding recent trends can help you better use this promotional tool.


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