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Meet Katherine Creech: Care Director for Cable ONE Business

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The key to long-term customer satisfaction is the ability to follow up with great service after the sale. And perhaps no one appreciates this more than Katherine Creech, Care Director for Cable ONE Business.

She and her team have been setting the standard for business care since the Business Services division was conceived at Cable ONE nearly eight years ago. And it’s a standard that shows no signs of letting up.

Katherine Creech: Care Director for Cable ONE Business

White Glove Treatment

“We take our white glove service standards very seriously, and our customers rely on us to be the subject matter experts on the products and services we provide,” says Creech. 
“Everything we do, from process improvements to setting quality assurance and order accuracy standards, is done with the customer experience in mind.”

By putting the customer first, Creech and her team have been able to perfect their commitment to service excellence. “We have devoted specialists that commit themselves to exceeding our business customer’s needs and a quality assurance practice that has us ranking at a 98%.”

Personalized, Dedicated Service

Creech emphasizes that Cable ONE Business service is very personalized. “Our customers work with dedicated associates from the close of the sale all the way up to the actual install. If a need should arise, that same associate will be the individual they work with to resolve it.”

The level of commitment among her team members runs deep, according to Creech. “These associates are incredibly invested and it’s not uncommon for them to come in on a Monday morning and talk about a dream they had related to an order they’ve been working on because they want to ensure every detail has been addressed.”

While her team members may dream of delivering excellent service, Creech sees it as a reality, as well as a point of professional pride and satisfaction. “I enjoy seeing my associates go above and beyond for our customers because they’re passionate about the customer experience,” she says. “I love the synergies that are created when they are solving a complicated or challenging customer situation.”

Admiration for Team and Relationships

Though extensive, the laundry list of responsibilities that fall under the Business Care umbrella doesn’t keep Creech from enjoying her duties. In fact, it just increases her admiration for her job, her team and the work they perform day in and day out. “It’s an honor to work with such dedicated and talented people. Their commitment to white glove service and to each other is truly inspiring. It ignites my passion to see them in action and motivates me to be the best leader that I can be,” she says.

When everyone is motivated, happy and passionate, it means great customer relationships can’t be too far away. Or as Creech puts it, “Happy associates, make happy customers and that is something we can all take great pride in!”


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