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What Your Business Should Know About Summer Travel

Make the most of your summer as a business owner with these travel trends and tips.
How to Develop Authentic Values

How to Develop Authentic Values

Values might be expressed in words but they are lived in stories. Get four ideas to develop more authentic values for your business.

What is Facebook Beacon and Does Your Business Need it?

Businesses are founded on relationships. You're not just focused on selling a product or service to someone - you started a business because you...

Utilizing Facebook Groups for Business

Remember the greeting Norm got whenever he entered the TV-bar Cheers? It was a place where a small group of friends could get together...
care director

Meet Katherine Creech: Care Director for Cable ONE Business

The key to long-term customer satisfaction is the ability to follow up with great service after the sale. And perhaps no one appreciates this...
Creative business team working hard together in casual office moderating social media

Moderating Social Media Conversations

Would you let someone make abusive comments while browsing around in your store? Of course not. No one would want to shop there. Instead...

Event Marketing: The Best Way to Impress Your Potential Customers

If you're a car buff, your engine likely revs up a little when the auto show comes to town. That's because it harnesses the...
thewire- increase-traffic-from-twitter

6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic from Twitter

Savvy small business owners leverage the power of Twitter to engage with their audience and increase website traffic. Despite its simple interface and 280-character-per-tweet...
director of sales

Meet Rebecca Paduone: Director of Sales for Cable ONE Business

If you meet Rebecca Paduone, Director of Sales for Cable ONE Business, you’ll soon learn she’s in a long-term relationship with the company. She’s...
Seller helping buyer by demonstrating digital photo camera at shop store for customer retention

Customer Retention: Build a Loyal Customer Base

You've worked hard to build a loyal customer base by attracting, educating and converting would-be patrons. Now how do you keep them? Customer retention is...