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3 Situations When You Shouldn’t Lower Your Price

Just lower your price and you’ll have customers beating down your door. Learn when this strategy could lead to a going out of business sale.

BOE – What is It and How Can It Protect Your Business?

What if you became injured and could not work? Who would pay the rent and utilities on your business? Learn how business overhead insurance might help.

How to Write an Effective Goal Statement

How will you know if your great idea is working? Learn how to measure your success by using the three elements of an effective goal statement.

So What Color Do You Want

Ever notice that your dentist’s waiting room is likely blue? That’s because the color is soothing. Find out how the science of color can help build your brand.

Let Go of Your Logo

A great logo can help you establish your brand. But learn how to make sure your customers have the same experience in all parts of your small business.

You Don’t Have to Do It All

If you want something done right, you don’t always have to do it yourself. Learn how delegation can help you focus on what’s important when your business is growing.

3 Things You Should Know to Wind Up on Top

Want to be seen by potential customers searching the Internet? Find out how search advertising can put you near the top of the list.

Check Before You Prospect

Did you know that making that unsolicited call to a potential customer could cost you up to $16,000? Find out about the Do Not Call registry before calling.

Paying More Doesn’t Always Get More

Money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness for employees. Learn what else motivates employees and get some low-cost ideas that you can try.

5 Steps to Creating a Standout Brand

Does your brand have the blands?