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How Developing Your Personal Brand Complements Your Corporate Brand


Far too many entrepreneurs – even seasoned ones – make the mistake of assuming that their “personal brand” and their “company brand” are two entirely different things. On the one hand, it does make a certain amount of sense. The business you’re trying to build is its own beast and is, hopefully, one that will be around long after you’re gone. What way could your personal brand impact things from that perspective?

As it turns out, your personal brand can and absolutely should complement your corporate brand – provided that you approach things from the right angle. In truth, growing your personal brand can be just as important as building your company branding, if not more so. You just need to keep a few key things in mind.

Your Personal Brand and Your Company: Unlocking a Host of New Opportunities

One of the best ways in which developing your personal brand complements your corporate brand ultimately comes down to the networking opportunities that you unlock as a result. People tend to see corporations as nameless, faceless entities – even the ones that they love and support.

Try as hard as you’d like, your corporate brand will likely always be perceived as a bit “cold” or “distant” to a certain extent… unless you’ve got a friendly, inviting and sophisticated personal brand to go along with it. Suddenly, the way people see you as a person and the way people see your company become interchangeable. Your personal brand gives people something inherently emotional to latch onto, which only empowers and strengthens their relationship with your corporate brand.

Another one of the major reasons why developing your personal brand complements your corporate brand can be summed up in two beautiful little words: social media. Think about some of the famous business people on Facebook and Twitter that you follow – the Mark Cubans or Richard Bransons of the world. These people tend to be masters at living in both of these spaces at the same time – Richard Branson has his own personal account with millions of followers and the same can be said of his company, Virgin Group.

As Branson’s notability on a site like Twitter increases, it raises the profile of Virgin Group at the exact same time. As one side of the coin gets stronger, it naturally feeds into and empowers the other. But none of it would be possible if he were not trying to cultivate both a personal and a corporate brand simultaneously.

In the end, the take away from this is that developing your personal brand compliments your corporate brand and lets you accomplish two essential tasks at once. In many ways, your personal brand becomes almost like a calling card for your corporate identity. People can see what you worked so hard to build AND they can peak behind the curtain of who built it in the first place.

You’ve suddenly got two channels through which you can influence your audience instead of one and the importance of this is something that you just can’t put a price on.


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