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6 Invoicing Solutions for Small Business Owners

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No one likes to look at a long list of accounts receivable. Savvy business owners use state-of-the-art invoicing solutions to send invoices quickly, give customers convenient payment options, track their accounts, and keep cash flowing in. Here are our top six invoice software picks to help take the headache out of invoicing.

6 Invoicing Solutions for Small Business Owners

1. FreshBooks

With automated invoice receipt and read notifications, FreshBooks provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage clients, send invoices, and collect payments. Your time is valuable, and the quick learning curve this program offers will pay off for you and your customers alike. You can easily view the status of sent invoices, and customers can view and pay their bills without hassle. Round-the-clock tech support and the ability to add your logo to invoices round out this powerful software. FreshBooks’ one minor drawback is its lack of batch invoice processing.

2. QuickBooks

One of the most well-known invoicing solutions, QuickBooks streamlines billing and invoicing and lets you choose the features you need. If you’re just starting out, the Essentials package provides all the basic invoicing and billing functionality you’ll need. The QuickBooks online service offers different packages ranging from basic to comprehensive billing solutions. While the online interface offers more features than most businesses need, it’s easy-to-use customer-friendly interface earns it a top spot on our list.

3. Sighted

Effective invoice management is key to a healthy cash flow. Sighted provides a suite of billing, invoicing, and payment features, giving you more control and your customers more ways to pay. The Sighted team is there for you every step of the way to ensure you get paid in a timely fashion and minimize delinquent accounts. It’s a fresh approach ideal for enterprising business owners.

4. Zoho

With convenient features beyond invoicing, Zoho combines simplicity with functionality, making it the ideal hybrid invoicing/project management software. Design and send invoices quickly, send automatic reminders, interface with your team, and monitor project timelines – the features are there when you need them, and don’t get in the way of your basic invoicing tools. Zoho integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Stripe, and other popular payment methods, making it a solid contender in a sea of invoicing solutions.

5. Simplybill

Acclaimed for its ease of use, Simplybill lets you pick from dozens of functional templates to get your invoices out fast. You can include tax rates and view the status of all invoices in a clean, organized interface. It’s an easy pick for businesses who want fast, professional invoicing solutions without the clunky bells and whistles.

6. Due

With a clean and easy-to-use dashboard, Due puts all your payment information in one place, which supports a more organized and efficient process. This simple platform makes getting paid fast and easy by offering many payment options along with customized payment terms; and additional products designed to successfully manage the transactional process from billing through to payment.

These simple and easy invoicing solutions will not only save time and money, but also will provide the ease needed so that keeping your business on track is the first priority.


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