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Business Strategy From The Front Lines with Rob Stinson, Owner of Lookout Steakhouse

Business Strategy From The Front Lines

Restaurateur and Cable ONE Business customer Rob Stinson is the executive chef and owner of four award-winning restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Rob has opened 32 restaurants and owned six of those during his successful career.

Running the day-to-day operations of his restaurants Back Bay Seafood, Salute Italian, Kelly’s Sports Pub and Lookout Steakhouse is only the tip of the iceberg for Rob. The restaurateur also hosts a cooking segment on PBS called “Fit to Eat” and dedicates time to be involved in his community and with local charities.

Rob has been a valued Cable ONE Business customer for over 12 years. The company’s services have helped support his businesses and he recognizes the advantages being a Cable ONE Business customer.

“Cable ONE helps us to stay ahead of the competition through the various services they offer,“ Rob said.

Rob utilizes Cable ONE Business Internet services to run his businesses smoothly, efficiently and to stay connected to his database and email contacts. He uses Cable ONE’s cable TV service to entertain his guests with television in the bar areas and music throughout his restaurants.

Business Strategy From The Front Lines

When choosing a company to provide these services, Rob turned to Cable ONE because of its ability to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and industry.

“The focus of the company is changing in the direction with technology,” Rob said. “Traditional media will soon no longer be around…Cable ONE Business is on the cutting edge. They’ve kept changing and adapting while other firms are trying to hold on to old dinosaurs. They are more in tune with what the market is bearing.”

Rob places great importance driving business with a marketing plan.

“Create a great marketing plan. Bar none,” Rob said. “And when you think that’s good, create a secondary marketing plan.”

Recently, the small business owner has focused his marketing efforts on reaching Millennials and bringing their business to his restaurants.

“There is a huge new audience that needs to be reached,” Rob said. “The most important thing is to bring in the group that has the highest disposable income – ages 18 to 30.”

Rob uses his Cable ONE services to pursue this audience by running commercials on the stations they watch and placing a focus on social networking and online marketing.

“I would have to say online marketing drives about 30 percent of my restaurants’ business,” Rob said. “We looked at what was working out there, where the most people are and how you gain access to them [to decide which platforms to use].”

As a long-standing Cable ONE customer, Rob continues to reap the benefits.

“[Cable ONE’s services] have really helped us expand our customer base and Cable One Business has been instrumental in working with me on a person-to-person basis.”


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