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Meet Rebecca Paduone: Director of Sales for Cable ONE Business

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If you meet Rebecca Paduone, Director of Sales for Cable ONE Business, you’ll soon learn she’s in a long-term relationship with the company. She’s worked for Cable ONE for nearly 20 years and finds more reasons to love her job, her team and her business customers every year.

While it began many years ago, the relationship seemed destined to lead to her current position, where she enjoys a feeling of family that includes a staff of 90 and more than 50,000 business customers.

Rebecca Paduone: Director of Sales for Cable ONE Business

A unique perspective

“I started at Cable ONE out of college, then went to learn the programming side of the business with the Discovery Channel and AMC,” says Paduone. When she returned to Cable ONE, her perspective from both sides of the business put her in a unique position to connect the needs of business owners with the telecommunications services that best fit.

It also helped her understand today’s business owner and her role as someone who could effectively partner with them. “I admire them,” she said. “They wear so many hats, and if my team can give them the right tools and information they need, it makes the other parts of their job so much easier.”

The fact that many Cable ONE Business customers operate in rural areas also feeds into the feeling of partnership. “Because our sales reps live and work in many of the rural communities we do business in, our clients and our associates are neighbors,” says Paduone. This leads to a deeper understanding of the challenges customers face and a stronger commitment to delivering solutions that really work.

A future with potential

While a feeling of family and partnership is one reason Paduone credits for her longevity with Cable ONE, another is the company’s commitment to developing products and services that set the pace for technology.

“We’re continually developing new products, learning about them and making sure we understand them so we can help our customers use them to grow their business,” says Paduone. “It’s also fulfilling to see a product developed from concept to reality, knowing it will expand our business customers’ capabilities.”

But Paduone is quick to point out that a forward-thinking company still has to take care of the fundamentals to create successful relationships. “Being a good partner is as important in the call center as it is in the field,” she says. “We pride ourselves in being a complete consultant to our clients, so they can have confidence in their choosing us.”

Leadership and Longevity

In an age when career paths are forged by short-term stays and job-hopping, Paduone credits her clients, colleagues and company for her lengthy commitment to success. “At the end of the day, there’s an intimacy that keeps me and my staff here,” she says. “It doesn’t feel like a job, and we manage to take care of the customer and have a good time, too. I love coming to work!”


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