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Top 4 Productivity Apps You Should Check Out

Top 4 Productivity Apps You Should Check Out

Top 4 Productivity Apps You Should Check OutThere are apps that can help you count calories and apps that identify what constellation you’re looking at in the night sky. In fact, over 20,000 new apps are released every month in Apple’s App Store. But small business owners looking to be more efficient will want to concentrate on productivity apps. This category of apps helps you accomplish specific tasks – managing your inbox, tracking billable hours, managing projects and content. Check out these four free apps to help make your small business more productive.

Evernote – Ever write a note about something important and then couldn’t find it? Maybe it’s a customer request, a new supplier you heard about or a great new idea. This free note-taking app helps you keep those things organized. Just enter or dictate your notes, snap a photo or create a to-do list. It automatically indexes your content so you can search for it on your smartphone, tablet or PC. There’s also a premium business version that can organize content across your team.

Podio – Are you working on several projects, each for a different client? This free project management app makes it easier to organize and manage your projects and clients in one place. When you’re working in teams, it also helps to get everyone on the same page. It even helps you collaborate with clients and generate invoices. A premium version allows others to work within your workspace as well.

Mailbox – Mail piling up in your inbox and you’re afraid you’ll miss something important? This free app organizes your Gmail or iCloud email accounts. The goal is to keep your inbox clear by using its labeling and archiving system. Just swipe emails to archive or trash them, scan an entire conversation or “snooze” emails to automatically show up later in your inbox. It helps you focus on what’s important and eliminates distractions.

OfficeTime – Are you sure you’re accurately capturing all of your billable hours? This free app helps you record your billable time and any expenses incurred, so you get the income you’ve earned. You can run multiple timers and track different hourly rates. It runs in the background without having to be online. It also contains tools for managing projects and clients. A premium version is also available, which allows you to create a spreadsheet and sync to your other devices.

Work smarter, not harder by using productivity apps to make your small business more efficient. New apps are available every month. Take advantage of these free tools to make everyday business tasks more manageable.


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