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Upcoming Small Business Regulations to Watch


Advocacy groups, like the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), report that small businesses are responsible for nearly two-thirds of U.S. job growth. But these groups often identify the growing number of government regulations as an obstacle to that growth. So it’s important for small business owners to stay informed. Here are some current federal regulations that NFIB has flagged as potentially harmful to small businesses.

  • Application of the FLSA to Domestic Service – It is proposed that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) be expanded to require businesses to pay minimum wage and overtime to home care workers. This will increase costs for these businesses and ultimately for consumers who use these services.
  • Interpretation of the “Advice Exemption” – The proposed new rule would require lawyers and law firms that counsel a small business to disclose not only their work with that client, but also all fees and arrangements for all clients for all labor relations services. The net result could be that many lawyers will no longer take on clients seeking labor relations counsel.
  • OSHA – Crystalline Silica – The proposed permissible exposure limit that OSHA wants to propose is significantly lower than what has been scientifically shown to be dangerous to humans. The rule stands to have a major impact on the construction industry, among others.

For more information on these and other proposed regulations, consult the NFIB website.  Looking to communicate with your representatives on issues that affect small businesses? Look at this article on The Wire to learn how to get your message across.

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