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Plan for Epic Social Media Success in 2017

plan for epic social media success

If you’re like most—okay, all—business owners, you don’t have a lot of time to spend fine-tuning your social media strategy. But this doesn’t mean you can’t plan for epic social media success. All it takes are some fresh new insights and a few good hacks to get started!

Tips to Plan for Epic Social Media Success

Cheat to Win

Ever wish you could post a tweet longer than 140 characters to really get your followers interested in a product? Or, perhaps you looked up a competitor’s name on LinkedIn, only to find their profile was private? Here’s a solution for both of these conundrums:

  • To expand your tweet—Divide your message into two parts, preferably ending the first with a question or an ellipsis. Send the first tweet and then respond to your own tweet with your name removed. The result looks like a one fluid message!
  • For a peek behind the LinkedIn private profile firewall, type the following into your Google search bar: site:linkedin.com “name of person”. You’ll be able to get a glimpse of the information that’s indexed in Google.

Connect Random Dots

Sometimes the most random piece of information can lead to social media success. Take, for instance, the fact that PayPal customers are big fans of the hit show, ‘The Walking Dead.’

While most execs would be amused by this, PayPal social media guru, Dave Peck leveraged this fact into a commercial depicting how PayPal could save your life during a zombie apocalypse. The spot generated more than 4,000 unique views on the company Facebook page and stands as the company’s most organically viewed video.

Are you in the business of protecting your customers from flesh-eating zombies? If you sell cars, they’d make great escape vehicles. The point is, you can turn almost any amusing fact into social media gold.

Cook in Big Batches

When you have the time to focus on social media, make the most of it. Crank out a week or a month’s worth of Facebook posts, so you don’t have to spend time doing it later. Then subscribe to a platform like Hootsuite that let’s you schedule posts on all of your social media platforms. In an hour or so, you could have the next month covered.

Shooting a video that demonstrates a new product? Make the most of it by shooting additional content—even if it’s just B-roll you can keep for later. Big batch thinking is a great way to stockpile content, because it makes the most of the precious time you do have to devote to social media.

Becoming a success using social media doesn’t have to take a lot of time or resources. All it takes is an open-minded approach, some helpful tips and a willingness to try something new. In fact, we’ll even help get you started, with some additional insights from Convince&Convert and Kissmetrics. Enjoy!


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